Premier membership rewards program

Welcome to Premier Membership rewards program!

As a TriVita Premier Member now you can start earning VitaPoints to help save money on product purchases and even receive products for free!

With Premier Membership rewards program there are three ways you can earn VitaPoints to exchange for your favorite TriVita products:

  1. Earn 5X VitaPoints when you refer friends and family – You love the benefits TriVita products offer you so why not share them with others you care about. When you refer others you not only earn 5x (20%) points on their first purchase, you earn 5x points on every purchase they make for life! It won’t take too many referrals before you are earning enough to get your products for free
  2. Earn Double Vita Points with Auto Replenishment Program (ARP) - Upgrade to ARP and receive double points (8%) with every delivery. With ARP you never have to worry about running out of your favorite products and the hassle of reordering. ARP orders are sent to you once monthly and guaranteed at the lowest advertised price. There is no obligation and you can cancel or change your order at any time.
  3. Earn Vita Points on personal product purchases – Every product purchase you make, you automatically receive points equal to 4% of the total value of your purchase

Premier Membership is free and makes buying TriVita products more affordable. So, start taking advantage of Premier Membership rewards so you can live healthier, happier and save money at the same time!

Sign up to become a Premier Member by selecting the option during checkout.

*Premier Membership Rewards Program Terms & Conditions