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Scientists argue about many things, but one point not debated is this simple fact:

We lose muscle mass and strength as we get older.

Building lean muscle mass becomes progressively harder and losing muscle becomes far easier as we age.

Your muscle quality influences everything from metabolism to energy levels and stamina to your potential risks of diabetes and heart disease due to toxins stored in fat.1

As the years go by, you spend more time sitting at work and home and less time moving throughout the day.

Between a sedentary lifestyle and nature taking its course, your muscle loses the youthful metabolic zip they once had AND your energy levels plummet to record lows.

And did you know?

The loss of muscle can start in some people as early as age 30, but by age 50, almost everyone is starting to lose a significant amount of muscle.

Is there anything that can help? Yes! Essential amino acids.

The simple fact is muscle needs protein to grow …

AND protein cannot be synthesized in the body without essential amino acids as the cellular building blocks…

BUT your body can’t produce EAAs on its own.

Essential amino acids (EAAs) are the only macro-nutrients that are absolutely required in our diet. They not only keep us alive, they improve our metabolic function and physical capacity.

Hence, you can be the proverbial couch potato OR you may be physically active outdoors or at the gym and consuming ample protein in your diet either through food or supplements, but your protein synthesis is still less than optimal compared to younger days.

Before you know it, your health, vitality and energy decline, pant sizes and exhaustion go up, and your doctor may be diagnosing you with prediabetes or diabetes.

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So what is the answer?

The right balance and ratio of essential amino acids are clinically proven to reverse and prevent muscle loss.

When combined with good dietary choices and physical activity, gains are even greater!

Studies* have shown… ingesting essential amino acids significantly improves muscle protein synthesis in multiple age groups including the elderly.

When exercise was added to the right balance and ratio of EAA supplementation, respondents experienced over twice the results of muscle protein synthesis!

When EAAs were provided at rest, the increase in muscle protein synthesis was an average of 141%.1

When EAAs were provided after exercise, the increase in muscle protein synthesis was an average of 290%.1

In addition, the effectiveness of amino acids was 100% greater after resistance exercise than when consumed at rest.1

* See scientific studies cited on MyoHealth Science page

1 Biolo G, KD Tipton, S Klein, RR Wolfe. An abundant supply of amino acids enhances the metabolic effect of exercise on muscle protein. Am J Physiol 273 (Endocrinol Metab 36): E122-E129, 1997

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